MISSION STATEMENT:  WE ARE DEDICATED TO PRESERVING HAWAII'S AVIATION HERITAGE BY RESEARCHING AND RECORDING THE AVIATION HISTORY OF THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS.  we will endeavor to preserve historic aircraft and to memorialize the aviators who gave their lives in the service of their country.  Our goal is to inform and educate the public of the rich aviation heritage of Hawaii.

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P-12Fs lined up on the tarmac at Wheeler circa 1938

(click on picture to see a P-12E at Iolani Palace in the mid to late 30s)

Both photos from the Ogata collection


Latest Addition

Dec 16, 1942 B-24D Crash Site on Oahu Surveyed


Other Recent Website Additions

 78th Fighter Squadron " Bushmasters" in Hawaii During WWII

Former Bellows based P-51 fighter pilot tells of his shoot down and capture over Japan on 7/3/45

Beautification and Renovation project in the BP NAS Tower Building (Bldg 4)

Warnke Recovery A Success

 Brigadier General Kenneth N. Walker


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