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During our mid August visit, the recovery team was working in the the cockpit area of the site.    Because of the acidity of the wet soil over the years, the aluminum components of the buried portion aircraft were mostly corroded away.   We believe that the team reached the level in the soil where remains were by the end of August or early September.  We are hopeful and optimistic that enough remains have now been recovered to bring Ensign Warnke home to Indiana at last.  With luck, he will be in his final resting place by the end of of this year.

The photo gallery below is provided by HAPS alone and is not authorized, endorsed nor sanctioned by any other interested parties.  The aerial photos were taken by Mr. Brad Hayes, Director of the NAS Barbers Pt.  Air Museum at Kalaeloa Airport, and he is a frequent HAPS volunteer.

An aerial view before digging began

Pilot Esterbrook showing the focus needed to hover in 25-40 knots of wind

Team working in the mist

Pacific Helicopters "Long Ranger" departs after passenger deliveries to site

Moving soil for extraction

Digging and passing buckets of soil

Center wing section uncovered

Right wing and main landing gear

Interior of right wing

The white underside of the tail section

Tail section more uncovered, rudder pedal linkage and wiring

The aircraft "side number" of call sign "Joker 82" on one of the landing gear doors

Team NCOIC Army Sgt Marsicek

Tail of the F6F uncovered

Hawaii National Guard crew on earth removal run

Hawaii National Guard Hovers over site

4 man sling loading crew prepares for another load

Load is off to Wheeler

HFD "Fire 2" observes in the distance

Pilot Esterbrook with helmet and noise suppression mask

A look at H3 tunnels from Landing Zone

USMC Sgt Williams Call Sign "Shark" and webmaster

Team member Army Sgt Hooker cleaning off the mud on the ramp

Overhead of sifting site at Schofield East Range

Oblique of soil sifting site

Shot of the team working on the last day at the site