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Picture Archives 

These jpgs are the results of our selected scans of the archives of the 15th Airlift Wing History Department, Hickam AFB and of the Fleet Aviation Photo Lab formerly of Barbers Pt NAS.  Thanks to the Hickam History Office and Fleet Imaging at NAVBASE Pearl Harbor for making these images  available for scanning.  High resolution jpgs are available to appropriate organizations upon request.

The pages are numbered by era and "thumbnails" are on each page.  Open the image by clicking on the thumbnail.  The file names of the The images can be viewed by right clicking the opened image and selecting "properties".  The files were named to describe the images in an abbreviated manner. 


1920s & 30s


More 1940s

Even More 40s




1980s & 90s

Bellows Field Beginnings

Hickam Field Beginnings

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