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Field Research and Memorials

Our field research consists of locating, visiting and recording exact locations of military crash sites in the Hawaiian Islands.   We diagram, photograph and log significant aircraft parts found.  We endeavor to disturb sites as little as possible in order to leave them intact for future aviation archaeology investigations.  Occasionally, with permission, and only in order to better preserve the parts and aviation history, parts may be removed from a site.  Any authorized parts removed from a site, will be donated to a not for profit organization for public display, or an EAA Warbirds of America  member for restoration.


Crew Memorial for B-24J 44-40706 at Schofield Firing Range

Crew Memorial for B-24D 41-23901 at Kawailoa Oahu

Crew Memorial of B-24J sn 44-40332 at Aiea Loop Trail

Crew Memorial of B-17E sn 41-2443 at Pali Lookout

Crew Memorial of PBY-5A BuNo 2487 at Makapu'u Shore Side Park

Crew Memorial of B-24D SN 41-23986 at Honouliuli Contour Trail

Crew Memorial for TBM-3Q BuNo 91350 Barber Pt NAS

VP-7 P2V Memorial Maintenance

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