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10 Miles West of Pearl Harbor, this air station was commissioned April 15, 1942 and ultimately grew to become the Navy's prime  pre-combat training base for the Carrier Air Groups getting ready to deploy to the war zone in the South Pacific.  In later cold war years, Barbers Point was the essential Pacific base for the Navy's anti submarine forces and missile early warning aircraft.

Barbers Pt was decommissioned and renamed with its old Hawaiian name "Kalaeloa" in 1999.  The airport itself was renamed John Rodgers Field. The Lockheed P-3 Orion patrol & reconnaissance squadrons moved to MCAS Kaneohe.  The Navy still owns and maintains some facilities and housing.  The State of Hawaii was ceded the remaining lands.  The airport itself was renamed as the John Rodgers Airport under FAA control and local air traffic is controlled by the HANG.  It is utilized primarily for general aviation training and the University of Hawaii/University of North Dakota flight training programs. 

HAPS in conjunction with the State Airports Division and the NAS Barbers Pt Air Museum have started a beautification and renovation project in the Tower Building (Bldg 4)

In the years following the decommissioning, the state of Hawaii has failed to utilize the full potential of the land and facilities they were given,  much of the property has fallen into disrepair and has become a vast refuse dumping grounds for local residents.  Most of the valuable buildings have been broken into and vandalized by ripping out all of the copper wiring for resale.  Graffiti covers virtually all of the old Navy buildings and fires are set by arsonists  practically every week.   Until the state government takes steps to protect and develop this historic and valuable part of Hawaii's military aviation history, the decline at the former NAS Barbers Point will continue.

Rumors abound about the possibility of a Navy carrier air group being returned to Barbers Pt. if the often mentioned basing of an aircraft carrier in Hawaii comes to fruition, and thus there would be hope for the restoration of at least part of the base to its former condition

The text material in the photo gallery is reprinted with permission, from UNITED STATES NAVY AIR STATIONS OF WORLD WAR II by M. L. Shettle and is available online at:  http://www.airbasebooks.com/default.htm

Welcome Aboard NAS Barbers Point, a post war brochure for new enlisted arrivals

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ML Shettle excerpt

ML Shettle excerpt

Aerial Overhead Sept 1944 (National Archives)

Aerial Oblique looking toward the North East 1946 (courtesy of FAPL)

1950 Aerial of Barbers Pt and Ewa MCAS (courtesy FAPL)

Aerial Overhead Oct 1946 (courtesy FAPL)

NE Oblique BPNAS-Ewa MCAS 10-14-53, FAPL Photo

Barbers Pt vertical 9-10-57. FAPL Photo

BPNAS and Ewa MCAS vertical 11-20-59, FAPL Photo

BPNAS Vertical 3-19-64, FAPL Photo

FJ-1 and Steerman in front of the tower in 1961 (courtesy FAPL)

F8U over Barbers Pt in 1962 (courtesy FAPL)

AD-5s on the ramp at Barbers Pt 1962 (courtesy FAPL)

P-2 and P-3 on the ramp in 1964 (courtesy FAPL)

Aerial Oblique looking North in Oct 1965 (courtesy FAPL)

BPNAS vertical May 67, FAPL Photo

Overhead Aerial in May 2000, Photo bt NOAA

Overhead aerial in May 2000 showing remnants of Ewa MCAS to the NE. Photo by NOAA


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