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NAS Honolulu

This text material is reprinted with permission, from UNITED STATES NAVY AIR STATIONS OF WORLD WAR II by M. L. Shettle and is available online at:  http://www.airbasebooks.com/default.htm

History of NAS Honolulu by M.L. Shettle

Overhead view of the contruction of John Rodgers Airport in Oct of 41 (FAPL Photo)

Constructing the airfield with fill from lagoon dredging in Oct 41 (FAPL Photo)

NAS Honolulu Ramp June 1944, National Archives

R-5Ds and PAA-314 Jun 44, National Archives

Aerial Photo Jan 45, National Archives

Pan Am 314s at Dock. Post War, National Archives

NOAA Overhead Aerial in May 2000 showing the area between the reef runway and 4LR/8L that NAS Honolulu once occupied

PB2Y-3 Airborne at NAS Honolulu in 1946



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