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NAS Kaneohe Bay

The text material in the photo gallery is reprinted with permission, from UNITED STATES NAVY AIR STATIONS OF WORLD WAR II by M. L. Shettle and is available online at:  http://www.airbasebooks.com/default.htm

Shettle Text on NAS Kaneohe Bay

More Shettle text

Oblique view of NAS Kaneohe in Oct 41 (Courtesy of FAPL)

PV-1 Ventura skirting Ft Hase on Mokapu Peninsula at the East end of NAS Kaneohe Bay (Courtesy FAPL)

Navy Launch to Coconut Island from NAS Kaneohe (Courtesy FAPL)

R&R at Coconut Island (Courtesy FAPL)

Fine dining at Coconut Island (Courtesy FAPL)

NE Aerial Oblique, 6-4-46, Genne Collection

Kaneohe Ramp Tower 6-4-46, Genne Collection

1944 Approach Chart to NAS Kaneohe Bay

Via Robert Hill

Kaneohe Ramp. 6-4-46, Genne Collection

June 2000 NOAA Overhead Aerial of MCAS Kaneohe. Note old runway remnants.

2004 Satellite Photo of MCAS Kaneohe Bay. Old runways are still visible. By AirPhotoUSA


History of VP-11 at NAS Kaneohe Bay by David Trojan

 It is a large file (2mb) and will take a while to load.  Use Microsoft Word or Word Viewer (A free program from Microsoft)

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