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1/LT Andrew S. Whitaker, Jr. RIP

F-47N Serial # 44-88490

This Hawaii Air National Guard Thunderbolt went missing on 9/19/53 on a routine training mission.  The wreckage was found inadvertently by pig hunters on 10/25/53 more than a month after the accident.  The pilot 1st Lt Andrew Whitaker was killed on impact.  The aircraft impacted on a steep hill in the middle of the Oahu National Forest Refuge.  It appeared the the aircraft struck left wing low and cart wheeled in a westerly direction.  The aircraft burned and broke up after impact.  Wreckage is scattered from the top of the hill down into the river below.

The actual aircraft (center) P-47N  undergoing major overhaul in the Hawaiian Air Depot at Hickam in 1944. (Later Designated F-47N)

The accident report

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Site view from the air

View to the East

Parachute riser and instrument

Closeup of instrument

Stainless supercharger ducting

View to the South