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As part of our ongoing mission, we occasionally volunteer to help other non-profit organizations with their own projects. 

We were asked by the Hawaii Museum of Flying to help remove some Pratt & Whitney R-1830 "Twin Wasp"  WWII era engines from a ditch at John Rodgers Field (old Barbers Pt. NAS)  The engines were partially buried where dumped by the USN, probably in the 1950s.  The removal required the use of one of the museum's tank recovery vehicles and one of their deuce and a half trucks.  In addition to the engines being a possible environmental hazard, the possibility of parts use for restoration purposes made the undertaking worthwhile.

The pictures in the photo gallery below were taken by Don Hinton

Positioning the vehicles prior to lifting

The first engine is removed from the site

Brad signalling to lift crew

Lowering the 3rd engine into the deuce and a half

Truck departure for the wash rack

Lowering the last engine on its pallet

Data Plate from one of the engines

Four 1830s on their pallets