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Wheeler Field

At 84 years old and still in operation in 2006,  Wheeler field is the longest continually operating military airfield in Hawaii.

This one page summary of Wheeler obtained from the 15th Airlift Wing History Office, gives a good idea of Wheeler's history through 1993. The picture gallery below, scanned from the 15th AW History Office archives,  depicts much of Wheeler's colorful history and much more will be added to the gallery in the coming weeks.   Photo descriptions are in your browser address bar or on the scanned photo.

Start of Construction in 1930

Wheeler Construction July 1930

Wheeler NCO Club 1933

Officers Club 1933

A-3s At Wheeler

Interior of Officers Club 1933

Aerial Oblique Wheeler 1933

Wheeler Field and Schofield Barracks 1937

Wheeler Field 10 Oct 1941

Christmas Greetings 1941

Aerial oblique, Wheeler Field circa 1963

Wheeler Field 1964

Wheeler Field April 1965

Barracks in the Early 30s

Aerial Oblique showing phase 1 & 2 Construction in 1931

Parachute Bldg May 34

Perimeter Defense Drills

J Bennett Collection

Fuel Truck circa 30s

J Bennett Collection

Paint and Dope Storage Bldg Apr 1935

Building Permanent Hangars in 1933

Wheeler in 1934

Signal Controls Console Mar 35

B-12 Bomber Near Wheeler, cica 1937

Szalay Collection

P-26s on the ramp at Wheeler circa 1937

Szalay Collection

Wheeler Field Review 2 Generals and a Colonel

Waiele Gulch Runway Construction 1942

Wheeler Barracks circa 1933

Unidentified Person being cool

Inscription on back of photo P-76

B. Gen Davidson Christmas 41 welcome

North looking aerial oblique Feb 48

USAF OV-10 Bronco on the ramp at Wheeler with Kole Kole Pass in the background